Increase Storage Space in Small Apartments


Given the tiny square footage architects and interior designers have to work with when designing big-city apartments, storage space is one of the first things that has to be sacrificed. If you have gotten used to a spacious foyer in the house where you grew up, chances are this will be replaced by a hemmed-in hallway in the apartment you intend to move into or are living in right now. One of the main purposes of foyers is to have a place for stuff we usually park when we arrive home – keys, mail, coats, scarves, mittens, shoes – and there just isn’t room for these in a small apartment.

Repurposing closet doors

Make use of closet doors by installing hook racks for coats, belts, or anything you can hang. Install a lower layer for the kids. Bathroom cabinet doors can be used for back scrubbers with handles, soaps-on-a-string, or shower caps. Bedroom closet doors, on the other hand, can hold flat tie hangers or belt racks. If there is no space for a closet near the entrance, simply hang hooks by the door for the same purpose.

Keep shoes out of view 

Shoe cabinets that are easy to assemble are perfect for narrow hallways as they don’t take up a lot of space. Since they open from the front, you can even place small wicker baskets as bins on top of these compact cabinets, to hold your mail. Have one for incoming documents, and the other for mail you need to take out.

Measure storage containers before you purchase them

Create an inventory of the stuff you need to put away in containers before you even purchase them. They may look extremely neat and organized on the Home Shopping Network, but they may not actually fit in your apartment. For instance, storing rarely-used clothes in large plastic bins under your bed may seem like a great idea, but you might just find out the space isn’t tall enough for what you purchased. In addition, you could invest in plastic bags that are used to vacuum-pack bulky comforters to save on storage space, as they can be reused many times over.

Maximize space with useful containers  Foldable laundry bins, fabric shelves that hang and can neatly store socks and neckties, even filing cabinets and other furniture – they don’t always have to serve their intended purpose. A 2-drawer filing cabinet can double up as a nightstand, or a kitchen trolley can hold carpentry tools for when you’re working on some project. Don’t have a dresser? Use baskets to hold cosmetics that you rarely use, and stow them away in the closet.

Last, but not the least, look above your head and check out the bare walls which can still accommodate shelving. They can hold anything worthy of being displayed, such as framed photos, travel mementoes, or books.

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  1. acroosoli

    March 1, 2013 3:11 pm

    These are some nice ideas. Not having storage space has been an issue in our place too. One thing I’ve done is left the crockpot in its box under the cabinet and that became it’s own little shelf since now I stack things on top. When I need to use the crockpot I just move around what I have to. It’s not ideal, but living in a small space to save money can be done. And it doesn’t have to be miserable.

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